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Classic® & Accessories

An assortment of full size and mini pocket lighters in trendy colors. Check out our accessories to preserve the look of your favorite lighter.

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Express Yourself

From tattoo illustrations to geometric shapes, these designs are all about self-expression. You’ll also find BIC® Favorites, designs chosen by you — our loyal fans!

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In Style

A collection inspired by the latest fashion trends, seasons, and social phenomena. Check out the Night Out series featuring holographic foil for extra sparkle!

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A collaboration with some major players in the entertainment industry so you can represent your favorite music, brand names, tv show and even movies!

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American Heritage and Culture

From iconic landmarks across the United States to popular hobbies (who doesn’t love a good motorcycle ride), these designs help capture the essence of America

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Outdoor Enthusiasts

A collection for those who enjoy hunting, fishing or just taking in mother nature’s beauty.

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We’ve partnered with the biggest sports names to bring you a collection of officially licensed pocket lighters.

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A variety of thumb-friendly pocket lighters featuring push button ignition. Check out our Refined series for a more luxurious look!

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