Watch How We Make It

BIC products are simple to use, but they aren’t so simple to make. Take a behind-the-scenes look at how we do it.

  • BIC Evolution Pencil

    BIC® Evolution® Pencil

  • BIC Cristal Pen production

    BIC® Cristal® Pen

Quality and Safety

Every BIC® Pen is tested, and tested, and tested some more so you can be sure it will be safe and high-quality.

  • 70+

    Controls in place throughout the BIC® Pen production process, from components to finished pen

  • 4,504

    Miles of writing tests carried out in a year on batches of our ball pens, gel pens and rollers

  • 100%

    Of pen balls made through a highly-controlled process so they’re perfectly spherical and almost as hard as a diamond

  • 32MM

    Products we ensure are safe and high-quality every day through unique manufacturing expertise and our rigorous quality control system

Bic® Cristal® Pen

The Art and Science of the BIC® Cristal® Pen

Introduced in 1950, the BIC Cristal pen has become the #1 ball pen in the world*. Made to be a high-quality pen that everyone could afford, it's considered an iconic and timeless design - it's even in the collection of the Museum of Modern Art!

*Based on internal estimates and syndicated sales data - total ball pen in aggregate over 94 countries - 2016

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